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DOT operates and oversees significant elements of the critical transportation infrastructure of the United States, much of which is heavily dependent on IT and industrial control system technologies. DOT IT framework relies upon, and is integrated with, computer networks, computer mediated communications, online databases, automation solutions, artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, internet-of-things (IOT) devices, cyber-physical systems and sensors, and a wide variety of technologies. With the increasing interconnectivity between DOT, Federal, State, local, and tribal government agencies, the private sector entities it regulates, private sector service providers, and an ongoing modernization to include commodity technologies, new dependencies, relationships, and vulnerabilities are created that did not previously exist, resulting in new risks to DOT IT infrastructure, systems, and mission.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is the principal information technology (IT), cybersecurity, privacy, risk management, and information protection advisor to the Secretary. As a result, a strong workforce is essential for the OCIO to meet its program mission for the DOT.


The objective of this task order is to obtain recruiting and hiring support services to maximize the number of highly qualified candidates who submit applications for the position and support the USDOT’s hiring process of a candidate for OCIO job requisitions. This will entail the contractor’s active recruitment of such candidates, the identification of key sources/media to advertise the position announcement, and placement of advertisements in the sources/media selected by DOT. The contractor will also support OCIO staff with the different phases of the hiring process (advertisement, interviews, etc.)


The USDOT has a need for recruiting services with advising in identifying and developing and analyzing position requirements; developing and presenting recruitment strategies; using a variety of search methods to identify highly qualified, diverse candidates; conducting basic qualifications reviews of identified candidates and directing qualified candidates to the official application process; assembling all required packaging of associated paperwork as DOT goes through the hiring process; conducting preliminary candidate assessments; assisting in hiring negotiations; and, as needed, providing advisory services.

Attachment 3.1 Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Task 1: Project Management
  • Task 2: Hiring Package Support
  • Task 3: Recruiting Services
  • Task 4: Assistance with Hiring Process

Task 1: Project Management

Within one week of award, the Contractor shall coordinate and facilitate a kick-off meeting with the government representatives listed on the contract. The meeting shall include the Contracting Officer/Administrator, the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR), the Government Federal Lead, and other identified staff to discuss the tasks and schedule. The purpose of the kick-off meeting is to review all the requirements of the Task Order, to identify specific roles and responsibilities, to discuss and clarify any issues or aspects of the Task Order that may be unclear, and to discuss the project schedule and deliverables. The meeting will take place at DOT HQ in person or virtually at the government’s request.

The Contractor shall coordinate and facilitate meetings with the COR/Federal Lead as appropriate. During the progress meeting the Contractor shall discuss the following:

  • A clear and complete account of all work performed during the reporting period.
  • An outline of the work to be accomplished during the next reporting period.
  • A description of any problem encountered or anticipated that will affect the completion of any individual activity within the time constraints as set forth in the Task Order, together with recommended solutions to such problems; or, a statement that no problems were encountered.
  • Preliminary or interim results, conclusions, trends, or other items of information that the Contractor feels are of timely interest to USDOT.

Following the meeting the Contractor shall provide a written summary of the meeting.


  • Kick-Off Meeting
  • Progress meetings and report o Federal Lead to establish reporting requirements and cadence

Task 2 Hiring Package Support

The Contractor shall develop hiring packages for all vacancies to include, but not limited to position descriptions, hiring factors, hurdle questions. Hiring packages may vary by position. The Contractor will work with the Federal Lead and hiring managers to ensure all components meet DOT HR requirements for a complete hiring package.

Attachment 3.1 Statement of Work (SOW)

Task 3 Recruiting Support Services

The Contractor shall seek out and identify candidates who meet the qualifications defined in Task 2. The Contractor shall submit a minimum of five highly qualified candidates contacted.

The Contractor shall refer these candidates to apply for the position via before the announcement’s closing date.

NOTE: Federal agencies are prohibited from using commercial recruiting firms and nonprofit employment services which charge fees to individuals referred to Federal positions. The contractor shall not refer an individual who has paid or is expected to pay any fee to the firm or service. This prohibition does not apply to registration fees paid by individuals to nonprofit employment services operated by professional organizations when the registration fee is imposed regardless of whether the registrant is referred for employment or placement.

The Contractor shall research, identify, and prioritize potential sources or media, print or online, where publication of OCIO’s job announcement would maximize the exposure of the announcement and elicit the maximum number of the most highly qualified applicants. The Contractor shall use innovative approaches to reach the technology sector.

The Contractor shall submit a report identifying in prioritized order such media, with brief rationale as to their selection, the cost for the contractor to place an advertisement for the position in that media, and deadline for placing that order for publication in the media.

DOT may, at its discretion and option, select from the list the source or media for publication of the advertisement. The Contractor shall submit the draft advertisement for the COR/Federal Lead to review and acceptance prior to submission to the source/media. The advertisement must direct applicants to apply through USAJobs. The Contractor shall arrange for the publication of the job announcement in the selected media sources for publication on a mutually agreed upon date. The Contractor shall notify the COR/Federal Lead when the announcements are published. All external postings must be done with an approved account by the COR/ Federal Lead. Additional approvals may be required by Office of Public Affairs depending on the platform.

Additional Requirements

The Contractor is responsible for gathering the information required for the accomplishment of all tasks from the COR and Federal Lead and other sources as identified by the COR. The Contractor is responsible for documenting the sources of the information used, providing appropriate references, and ensuring the factual accuracy of the information to the extent practical.

Task 4 Assistance with Hiring Process

The Contractor will aid hiring managers. The Contractor will work with Federal Lead and hiring managers to, but not limited to, reaching out to potential candidates, setting up interviews, compiling questions, gathering interview notes, and assisting with other related documentation that may be required for the hiring process.


The Contractor will be required to provide support to DOT between 8:30am-5:00 pm EST (unless otherwise approved by the Federal Lead/COR) remotely. If the Contractor expects to exceed 40 hours of work within one week, it must be approved by the COR in advance.

Government Furnished Equipment

Government furnished equipment will be provided to the contractor.


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